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-Remember that crazy decade that gave us Buddy Holly, I Love Lucy, and Game Show Scandals? well ok you probably don't since you'd be pushing 60 and I don't think there's too many people in that age range on this site......ANYWAY my latest art jam will be centered around that decade. How do you enter? read on then weary traveler 

The Rules

-Draw anything with your characters that pertains to the 1950s. Like for example if you wanna draw your wonderful original(do not steal) character as Elvis Presley then it'll be eligible for the jam(preferably before his Fat Las Vegas era since that was long after the 50s were over).

-Stuff like Happy Days, Grease, or certain scenes from Back to the Future can count since they do tie into that decade.

-Don't fret if you draw something that's around 1949 or 1960 since that can still count. Just don't draw something World War 2 or British Invasion related because that's pushing it. 

-All entries must be done no later then December 2nd.

-Use this logo for your entry

50 Art Jam1 By Cowboycrocket D9auehz By Agentc 24- by CowboyCrocket

-most importantly have fun(not required but I'd suggest it )

Nifty 50s Chelsea by AgentC-24 Nifty 50s - Chocoholics Anonymous by TopperHay Nifty 50s - Tupperbeware Party by Granitoons one crazy chick by CowboyCrocket Nifty 50s Veronica: Cashola Cruises by AgentC-24 ART JAM - Xyli Doody Time by BaconBaka Aw nuts by CowboyCrocketNifty 50's: A Bridge Too Far by AgentC-24 Nifty 50s - Even a woman can open it! by Granitoons Tales of Slight Irritation by CowboyCrocket STC/AMJ - Buy Yourself A Trash-O 3000! by Granitoons Nifty Fifties Art Jam by The-Happy-Apple Plastic Headed Woman by LaptopGeek Nifty 50's - To Your Very Good Health by TopperHay Off the Wall Adventures by CowboyCrocket Nifty 50s: Giants Vs Rhinos by AgentC-24 All the News by CowboyCrocket 

Mature Content

Nifty 50s: After Dark by AgentC-24
 Good day Miss, is your mother in? by Granitoons Commission: Do Not Apply Directly To Head. by Granitoons no business like dork business by CowboyCrocket Nifty 50s: Bowla Cola by AgentC-24 The Nifty 50's Art Jam - AB by MrPr1993 Nifty Fifties: Father Tries to Frolic by Rhodeway A jolt to the system by CowboyCrocket Nifty Fifties: Musical Bugs - The 1950s by BluebottleFlyer Nifty 50's-Louis Presley by spongefox Anatomy of a Mailbox by CowboyCrocketNifty 50's Art Jam - Poodle Skirt Cuties by SomePkmn-LovingDude Nifty 50's - Don't Be A Boob by TopperHay Nifty 50's: ''Dramatic'' Edsel ''Styling'' by AgentC-24 The Kid With the Golden Sombrero by CowboyCrocket The Laughtrack Family by brandan97 Unfortunately It's Merv by CowboyCrocket Nifty 50's - Lukewarm Thing by TopperHay Nifty 50s: The Club's Box Seats by AgentC-24 Nifty Fifties: The Gargantuan Green Meanie by BluebottleFlyer Certain Giant Lizard from Japan that breathes fire by CowboyCrocket Hidden Fortress? never heard of it by CowboyCrocket The Gothabillies (Nifty Fifties Entry) by AssassinJ2 Nifty 50's Art Jam - Greaser Terry by SomePkmn-LovingDude Nifty 50s: Heating Up a Hot Cocoa Pinup by AgentC-24 Nifty Fifties - Ritchie the Bandleader by JWthaMajestic Nifty 50s - Lil Bastards Part 1 by TopperHay I don't know art by CowboyCrocket Nifty Fifties: Naughty Little Pup by Rhodeway  TO THE FUTURE by CowboyCrocket Art Jam Entry-Obvious Silver Age Cover Parody by Urvy1A Car 54 Where Are Youuuuuuuu? by EarthVStheDerek The HONEYmooners by RockyToonz93 Puters Sitcom by LaptopGeek Elfish Presley by LaptopGeek Nifty Fifties: PB's Surf Wheels by BluebottleFlyer ART JAM - Smokin' Ham by BaconBaka ART JAM - Chocolate Chaos by BaconBaka Stuff and Nonsense! (50's Art Jam Entry) by BunnzieBungo Nifty 50s - Lil Bastards Part 2 by TopperHay Nifty 50s: Race with the Devil by AgentC-24 DG - Domestic Goddess Vs Disparate Housewife by Granitoons The Husk and Snowball Show!!! by RockyToonz93 22-11-2015 by Rhodenris Geeks- the word cooler than Nerds by LaptopGeek ART JAM - Beatnik Quant by BaconBaka Nifty Fifties: Let It Snow by BluebottleFlyer Nifty 50's Art Jam - I Love Karen by SomePkmn-LovingDude Drive In Saturday by CowboyCrocket The Nifty 50's - Henry's Diner by MrPr1993 Art Jam Entry-Another Silver Age Parody by Urvy1A We hope it was something you really liked by CowboyCrocket


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Happy Birthday, Cowboy by Rhodeway  
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